video art workshop

A one-day video art workshop in collaboration with the Society of Painters

A one-day video art workshop was held in Isfahan at 28th of June 2013 simultaneously of showing international project 900 = 100 × 100 by Video Artists website with collaboration of Society of Painters and with teachers Mr. Rasool Moarek Nejad and ladies Fereshteh Alamshah and Minoo Iranpour

The program had begun nine o’clock in the morning in place of Painters Association with 50 people interested in video art field from the cities of Isfahan, Tehran and Khorramabad that registered and announced their presence

(And at twenty o’clock was ended with the present and study of works created by the  present with subject of thirty-three bridge (sio-se pol

Interested participants were introduced with the advent of video art in the era of post-structuralism and the idea of ​​a video art work to display also, a brief introduction to the history of video art and pioneers of video art and artists during the workshop. 10 video art as well as artists in 10 different categories to display. In practice, the basic imaging techniques are reviewed and a semi-professional software for intensive training was developed
As a result of this workshop, making 12 video art with the subject of the thirty-three bridge( sio-se pol) and different theme groups was present. This workshop was held to be absolutely free


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